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ID card in public

ID card in public

Most of us think that displaying company ID card in public is quite advantageous and people pay attention towards you. But this article is all about the flip side of “Splashing ID card in public” especially in Bangalore.

Usual crowd always assumes that you work for a “Software Company”. Most industries other than IT have similar ID cards in use.

  1. While traveling by an auto-rickshaw, the curious driver will probably ask “Sir, are you a software engineer?” followed by “What is your salary saar?”. If you’re avoiding it, he’ll throw options “tell me sir, is it 25,000, 40,000, 50,000 or more. I’m not asking to give your salary”. While getting down from auto he’ll demand “Sir give some 20 rupees extra saar, you earn so much”.
  2. Whilst waiting for a bus or traveling in a bus, a middle aged person sitting next would inquire about your job. After, he would probably throw one these questions:
    • If his son/daughter in second year of Pre-University (Class 12): “Is B.E. in Computer Science good for my son/daughter?”
    • If his son/daughter in final year of B.E.: “Can you find a job for my son/daughter in your company?”
  3. Unfortunately you’re caught by traffic cops for not wearing helmet / wrong side entry / 3 people in a bike / parking vehicle at “No Parking” area / anything that’s illegal on road and you think can scot free by splashing your ID card on his face, then you’re a goner. He’ll caugh-up maximum money from you that too without a challan. Because he’s sure that you’ve enough cash in your wallet.
  4. Seldom happens, you’re late from work, probably in middle of the night and a night duty cop stops you at a junction. He’ll definitely force you to exhale breathe twice without any alcohol detecting device on hand. Even if not drunk, he’ll argue that you’re drunken driving. Makes you afraid and extracts much cash from your wallet.
  5. Accidentally you bang an auto / call center taxi / bike and he spots you with that pretty card, he’ll go wonky and starts counting money in your wallet. Even for a minor scratch, he’ll demand cash for whole car painting. He clearly knows that you can’t fight on road and much concerned about your so called self-esteem. An onlooker well say “sir, you’re a software company employee. Give him some 500 rupees he’ll go away. why are you spoiling your image infront of a driver”. At this moment what would you probably do, just shell cash and vanish.
  6. A mechanic who was servicing my vehicle once asked me “saar, what kind of work you do in software company? Will you actually do any work there? and Why they pay so much”
  7. On visiting any retail unit / showroom, you even look like a Kannadiga (Local-ite). The executive starts speaking in English / Hindi. This even happens when I enquire route, a Kannada speaking pedestrian starts speaking in English / Hindi.
  8. Walk-in to any household / clothing / footwear / accessories outlet that doesn’t have fixed price, you’ve just made his day. The stuff he sells other for Rs. 200 drastically hikes to Rs. 250 – Rs.300.
  9. It helps pickpocket to identify the right victim. They are goddamn sure there’s atleast some cash, a debit card & numerous credit cards in purse/wallet.

It’s assumed that folks work in Software Companies are “Soft” and “Harmless”. And that’s the reason people take advantage of that.

These are one of few common instances me & my gang have faced till date. If you’ve come across anything similar recently, just key-in your words in comments section below or just vote.


Somebody said this and it’s quite true, Kannada movies has changed. 2007 was the year Kannada movies deviated. Here I’m listing few movies one must see which were released and screened this year. And these are the movies you cannot afford to miss.

  • Mungaru Male
    Released: December 2006
    Salient Traits: Cinematography, Music, Lyrics and Simplicity.
    It all started with this movie, people hesitant to shell money on Kannada movies made jaws drop. Many of Telugu, Tamil, Mallu and even Gujarati friends of mine asked to accompany with them to watch this movie. Cool isn’t it?
  • Duniya
    Released: 2007
    Salient Traits: Story, screenplay and vital role of Vijay
    Story of a innocent but physically strong villager who reaches city to earn little money to build vault to his dead mother. He witness darkness of life and hooligan people for money. And ends up building his vault.
  • Milana
    Released: September 2007
    Salient Traits: Story, Screenplay, Acting & Music
    Story catches with a Die-Hard personality of Puneeth. Progreesive story makes you hooked.
  • Maathad Maathadu Mallige
    Released: September 2007
    Salient Traits: Story, theme, aesthetic location, art direction and cast.
    Story comes with strong message against globalisation. Leasing our lands for their development. For some scene it seems to stretched.
  • Savi Savi Nenapu
    Released: August 2007
    Salient Traits: Screenplay, direction, music and elegance
    It’s like any other love story with a polite impression. The photography and location makes movie elegant.
  • Geleya
    Released: October 2007
    Salient Traits: Casting, characterisation, acting, quality and screenplay
    This is like any other movie on rule & violence. One quite interesting things is focus on friendship. Few scenes are spine chilling. Whatever it could be, at the end of the day it makes a good entertainer.
  • Aa Dinagalu
    Released: October 2007
    Salient Traits: True story, casting and screenplay
    Based on true story from Agni Sridhar’s “Dadagiriya Dinagalu”. Movie takes you through the journey of real underworld. Movie has lots of twists and someplace lacks quality.

Trek to Ranganatha Swamy Hill - A Marvelous Expedition

Click here for photos from my camera

Click here for photos from Ananda’s camera

If you are a die hard trekker, game for arduous paths and adventure runs through your veins, then Ranganatha Swamy Hill is the place for you. Ranganatha Swamy Hill is also called as Bilikal Hill. This beautiful hill is located at Konavaradoddi village, Maralavadi post, Kanakapura taluk and belongs to Bangalore Rural District.

Ranganatha Swamy Hill doesn’t pose any ancient significance. Villagers say it’s named after a stone that emerged from ground atop of mountain, later named as God Ranganatha Swamy. Ranganatha Swamy Temple is one of the oldest temples found in nearby villages. Ranganatha Swamy temple is looked after by a committee of villagers. The temple is open only on Saturdays and there will be a special ritual offered to god on that day.

Useful Figures(Approximate):
Distance (from Bangalore): about 45kms
Elevation (above ground): 1500fts
Elevation (above sea level): 4200 – 4800fts
Distance from base to hilltop: 3 – 4kms

It was partially cloudy on Saturday the 29th September 2007, 10:30am. The team of 9 namely Ananda H.M.(Organizer), Sutapa Pal, Kotresh, Jagadish, Sameer, Abhishek, Roshan, Venkatesh and myself all geared for adventure. We started with a walk for about 10 minutes towards base camp. This walk exposed us to a scenic beauty of farmland, tall trees, sunflower plantations and hills all around, I then called it as Heaven.

The Trek consisted of 3 checkpoints separated by three boulders, where way to first to second checkpoint is characterised by tough, narrow, steep and muddy path. Second to third is easy, less slant and shadowed. Second to third is again dense with trees, narrow and steep path. We heightened the enjoyment by taking photographs, sharing Sardarji jokes and here Jagadish got a new pet name “Pintu”, that’s because it’s his pet dog’s name.

After 2.5 hours of climbing at about 1:00pm we are at hilltop, visited Ranganatha Swamy Temple followed by lunch and little nap. At 3:00pm we started for sightseeing around the hill. It’s a wowing panoramic view of surrounding hills, lakes, farmland and countryside while facing to a strong current of wind at the rock tip. Maybe these words are not sufficient to describe the beauty, it can only be experienced. I pity those members who purposely missed it to watch cricket or any other reason.

At 4:00pm Ananda & Venkatesh prepared hot lemon-tea. Soon after sipping tea with snacks, at 4:30pm we left hilltop and started towards base. After 1.5 hours of descending with bum-smashing drops, at 6:00pm we are base. Upon reaching base Sutapa unable to believe that she had climbed this magnificent hill with her own strength. And surprisingly Sameer, Roshan, Abhishek & Venkatesh reached base 30 minutes earlier to us.

After reaching base, Ananda distributed sweets among village children and we finally said good-bye with a sheer bliss of achievement.

Some Useful Tips:

  1. Have an experienced member in your team, who already visited the place at least twice.
  2. Don’t try to climb in hurry, it may lead to slip-down.
  3. Have a strong bamboo stick along with you that will serve as an extra limb while climbing up and down.
  4. Carry sufficient water.
  5. Wear shoe that has a demonstrated ability of holding over rocks & grasses.
  6. While climbing down try move in side-wise or zig-zag manner, this will not only give additional grip to your foot but, also reduce body weight over your knees.
  7. Carry your own garbage bag to collect waste like excess food, plastic bag etc & dispose it in any garbage dump in city. This will help keep the place clean.
  8. And don’t forget camera, to Click!!!

Last Word:
Our hearty thanks to Ananda H.M. for organising such marvelous expedition. And I wish best-of-luck for your next expedition to this place.