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crazyQuestion #a: How to hate your favorite music?
crazyAnswer #a: Make your favorite music as your cellphone Ringtone.

crazyQuestion #b: How to make your favorite music hate by others?
crazyAnswer #b: Make it as your Caller Tune, simple.

Go Karting

My ambition of riding a Formula One (F1) race car became partially fulfilled when got an opportunity to steer away a kart and scorched the track. It was part of team outing event organized by company on successful completion of project. On December 18, 2007 a serene cloudy Tuesday evening we started to race at Patel’s Inn of R.T. Nagar, Bangalore, India.


We are team of 18 including our Project Manager Sutapa Pal, and Senior Director Parminder Saini who came from US, all geared for adventure and for most of us it was first time steering a kart like this. We made batches with five riders each. My race commenced in first batch with many amateur riders like me. A smooth start with slow beginning for sometime and later picked up a good speed. It will be enjoyable to see friends ramming into safety boundaries made-up of tires. Shouting spectators boost our energy to ride well. By end of the day made 3 races of 21 laps with zero crash and recording average time.


Few interesting moments:

  • Loknath tried to take a shortcut, ended up with a Bamm! And also attempted to wear helmet “ultaa!”
  • Anandraj raced twice, crashed four times.
  • Kalyan had two race, a crash and vehicle breakdown in first. And vroomed in second.
  • Vineesh drove kart like bullock cart, hence blocking everyone’s way and received a tight pat on helmet from Parminder.
  • While Yesha riding with Parminder in double seated kart her scream replaced noise of engine.
  • No one able to contend Parminder, who’s known for his speed and safe driving.
  • Sarvendu Saxena recorded best time after Parminder, hence declared as winner of the day and me being in runner up to Sarvendu.

Tips for amateur riders from an amateur rider:

  • Never ever step on the brakes until or unless you are about to hit someone. Applying brake will reduces vehicle pick-up, hence losing quality time.
  • Never try to turn kart with highest steering rotation. Start steering bit-by-bit for low and constant degrees before you approach any curve.

Soon after completing racing session, playing dumbsherads followed by dinner and finally antakshari and hence had put a brake for the joyous day. And told myself “Man, there’s no game like Go Karting yaar”

When time changes trend changes, so the popular Kannada proverbs. Since this is the Era of Blogging, few popular proverbs are customized to Bloggers’ jargon. Here they are:

  1. Ori: Maathu beLLi, mauna bangaara.
    New: Blogspot beLLi, WordPress bangaara.
  2. Ori: Kuniyalu baaradavanu nela donku andnanthe.
    New: Article bareyalu baaradavanu Keyboard donku andnanthe.
  3. Ori: Anna haakidavanige dhroha bageyabeda.
    New: Contribute madidonige dhroha bageyabeda.
  4. Ori: Kai kesaradare bai mosaru.
    New: Keyboard kesaradare Blog mosaru.
  5. Ori: Bellagiruvudella haalalla.
    New: Bellagiruvudella Google-alla.
  6. Ori: Samsaari sahavaasa maadi sanyaasi ketta.
    New: Commenter sahavaasa maadi Contributor ketta.
  7. Ori: Mathu mane murithu, toothu ole kedisthu.
    New: Mathu mane murithu, Spam Blog kedisthu.
  8. Ori: Kunthu thindare, kudike honnoo saaladu.
    New: Kunthu baredare, 100MB-nu saaladu.
  9. Ori: JaaNanige maathina pettu, daddanige doNNe pettu.
    New: Commenter-ge maathina pettu, Spam-ge Akismet pettu.
  10. Ori: Muttu hodedare hoythu, maatu aadidare hoythu.
    New: Commentu baredare hoythu, Blog-u delete maadidare hoythu.
  11. Ori: Athi aase, gathi kedu.
    New: Athi hits-u, gathi spam-u.
  12. Ori: Oorige bandavaLu, neerige barodilva?
    New: Blog-ge bandavaLu, “About” ge barodilva?
  13. Ori: Thumbida koda, thulukodilla.
    New: Thumbida Blogger, thulukodilla.
  14. Ori: Kaamaale kannonige kandiddella haLadi-ne.
    New: Blog addict ge kandiddella blog-e.

Just this much for moment, more to come and now add you series.

It was unlike any other Physical Chemistry classes we had during our 4th Semester of Engineering. That day we were going to learn about Catalysts. It is Mr. R. Ramaswamy(R.R.) who’s going to take session on the same topic during second hour. We knew almost everything about Catalysts from school day itself, but the one we’re going to learn from Ramaswamy remarked as most thrilling session we ever had. The question now is not “What did he explained?”, but “How did he explained?”. So hook yourself on and I’ll take you through the session.

Boring Definition from Book: Certain substances whose presence alters the rate of a reaction are called Catalysts, but the catalyst does not involve in any chemical change. The chemical reaction in the presence of Catalyst is known as Catalysis.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “For an instance, we’ll take a boy and girl as two reactants. Both boy and girl has possibility to love each other but, unable to propose each other. So, you’ll take help of her friend to give a good impression about you. For example, If boy takes 2 years to propose a girl independently, then it’s too long and by that time some other boy will take her and will run away, then what you will do?. Therefore, A third person i.e. Catalyst can do them in just 2 months, great alva?(isn’t it?). It’s the quality of Catalyst to increase the rate of reaction between boy and girl. Unfortunately if your friend i.e. catalyst himself/herself proposes your boy/girl instead of helping you, then he cannot be called as Catalyst, he is called as third reactant.”

Types of Catalysts:

Positive Catalyst:
Boring Definition from Book: A Catalyst which increases the rate of reaction is known as Positive Catalyst or Catalyst.

Eg: MnO4 is used as a Positive Catalyst to decompose KClO3 and liberate O2.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “This is nothing but a normal Catalyst that we already discussed. Positive catalyst is a person who engages boy and girl with a good attitude towards them.”

Negative Catalysts:
Boring Definition from Book: The Catalyst which decrease the rate of a reaction are called Negative Catalysts or Inhibitors.

Eg: Heavy Water(D2O) is used as an inhibitor to slow down the uncontrollable nuclear reaction.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “I don’t think I need to say anything about this person. He’s just opposite to Positive Catalyst. Be careful about him, he can be with you as friend and he increases the distance between you and your girl, husshaar!(be alert).”

Auto Catalyst:
Boring Definition from Book: In certain reactions, the reaction rate suddenly increased even in the absence of Catalyst. It is due to one of product formed can Catalyse that reaction and that product acts as Auto Catalyst.

Eg: When Ethyl Acetate is hydrolised into ethyl alcohol and acetic acid the product acts as an Auto Catalyst and increases the speed of reaction.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “This boy is a very brave and self-driven. He may be kind of short tempered, he will not wait until a proper time to come. Somehow he gets lots of courage and drives himself to ask the girl. Unexpectedly by luck girl agrees to love him. Therefore auto catalyst is a brave boy. The courage in him acts as auto catalyst.”

Induced Catalyst:
Boring Definition from Book: One chemical reaction influence the speed of other chemical reaction which not possible under ordinary condition, such Catalysts are called as Induced Catalysts.

Eg: Sodium Sulfite solution is readily oxidised by air, but Sodium Arsenide solution is not oxidised by air. If air is passed through a mixture of Sodium Sulfite and Sodium Arsenide solution both are oxidised. Therefore Sodium sulfite is Induced Catalyst.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “Here’s another boy. This man is like a master, he makes other follow him. He will propose a girl and luckily she agrees. This makes other boys jealous, they will propose other girls, sometimes they too will get successful. Therefore the boy is called as Induced Catalyst. All boys who follow Induced Catalysts are called Bakras, because they’ll not do anything of their own, they always follow others. We call this as herd-ish behaviour, they are Naalaayaks(useless).”

Boring Definition from Book: In certain Catalytic reactions some other substance is not a Catalyst, but whose presence increases the activity of Catalyst and therefore the Catalytic activity of the reaction is further increase. Such substances are called Promoters.

Eg: In the manufacture of Ammonia by Haber’s process in the presence of Fe Catalyst to the reaction mixture a small quantity of Molebdinum is added which increases the activity of Catalyst. Therefor Molebdinum is the Promoter.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “This is a Catalyst for a Catalyst. This could be a girlfriend or boyfriend of a existing Catalyst who’s already helping a pair to engage. It is like you are helping your friend then you are a Catalyst, your girlfriend sits on your head and forces you to do this more faster, then your girfirend is a Promoter, gothaaitha?(understood?).”

Catalytic Poison:
Boring Definition from Book: Certain substances whose presence decreases the activity of Catalyst and therefore they may decrease the rate of reaction, sometimes they destroy reaction. Such substances are called as Catalytic Poison.

Eg: Even a small amount of Arsenic destroy the activity of Platinum Catalyst in the manufacture of Sulfuric Acid by Contact Process.

Interesting Explanation from Ramaswamy: “I call this person as Villain. When you are helping your friend, this person suddenly comes and starts spoiling everything. He will complain your parents and their parents and creates chaos and spoils everything. He/she can be your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend.”

Soon after the session got over, everybody started looking each other’s face. We soon identified who are reactants, their catalysts and other types of Catalysts existing in classroom.

I have practice of naming my best supporters as Catalysts. Here they are:

  • We called our best lecturers R. Ramaswamy and H.S. Yamuna as Catalysts.
  • A boss of one of my previous company who helped me to complete my education and boosted my career prospects to next level.
  • A girl who always used to help me to win card games while going back home in company cab. And she’s the latest addition to the list of Catalysts.

Please share your Chemistry classroom experiences and Catalysts in your life with me here.