I’m Balachandra Shetty, an appata Bangalorean. A visual communication graduate and working as UX Lead for a prestigious IT firm.

My hobbies include reading, traveling, pursuing adventure, and ofcourse blogging.

Have fun!


6 Responses to "About"

wish you success in all that you do!

My hobbies include collection of elite print ads from newpapers & magazines, reading, and ofcourse blogging.

i love collecting ads too. eager to see your ad collection!

nice template and title for the blog.
good luck

Hah! I didn’t believe my ears when Naren, my colleague told that rk has seen my blog. Now! again I couldn’t believe my eyes that rk has seen & commented my baby blog.

rk, nimma cursor sparshadinda nanna blog paavanavaaythu. Eegaagale nimma comment na screenshot thegedu save maadi aagide.

This has really inspired me to write more articles/month or even articles/week. Thanks for boosting my energy.

Dude your site rocks better than mine. One thing I would like to add can you make your post little short, taking a long time for me to read, just kidding

Have a great day pal.

guru nim article id card and kuvempu super kanri thirthahalli ge bandaga mail madri

hi .. my kid was up early in the morning and i had no choice than minding her and was browsing and found your blog. not sure if you are still blogging as i did not see any recent updates .. nice information well written… by the way how is Umesha .. the land lord turned chemical engineer….

would liove to know where he finallylanded …..drop a line to


Hi Govindh,

I’m not blogging nowadays. Can blog again, since too many interesting things happening in life lately.

Umesha is happily married now. Works at a chemical firm near Hirehalli.

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