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One night @ the Kumaraparvatha

Posted on: February 27, 2008


Good to know before (Approximate):

  • Distance from Bangalore: 295km.
  • Total elevation above sea-level: 8000ft
  • Elevation above ground(Kukke): 5000ft.
  • Distance from base to KP: 8km.
  • Nearby villages: Kukke, Somvarpet
  • Public transport available: Yes.

Important Contacts:

  • Mahalingeshwar Bhat / Mr. Bhat at Girigadde (For food & accomodation): 94486 47947 / 08257 281501
  • The Chief Wildlife Warden, Aranya Bhawan, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560003
    Tel.: 080-23341993/23345192 (For general reference, not essential for trek)

Did you touch flying clouds in your own hands, witnessed lush green hills under your own pedes or ever experienced nirvana, then it is here and it is Kumaraparvatha. Kumaraparvatha (KP) is located near Kukke Subramanya and is also known as Pushpagiri. KP is around 295km from Bangalore and belongs to Dakshina Kannada district.

A trek to KP is not that easy, it has arduous paths, burning heat during summer and chilling cold during winter and blood sucking leeches during rainy season. It is suggested that one should have a prior trek experience before climbing into KP.

The trek to KP can be achieved in two directions, one from Somvarapet via Hegde Mane and from Kukke Subramanya via Bhatra Mane and we chose the latter one. Our trek comprised of two stages. First, Trek from Kukke to Bhattara Mane. Second, Trek from Bhattara mane to KP.


Unfortunately there is no team, we are only two. It’s me and Ananda.


Day – 1: Trek to Bhattara Mane (Bhat’s House) / Girigadde

6:45am: Reached Kukke from Bangalore. We had a hot water bath and a light breakfast (me having heavy, obviously!).

9:00am: Started from Kukke (base camp) towards Girigadde, a way leads just behind Subramanya temple. A little walk through village leads to narrow route towards Bhattara Mane/Girigadde. This is a medium steep route with a distance of about 3.5 kms. The first 3kms is a lush green patched way where even you couldn’t even see anything around other than trees. And latter 0.5 km is a dry land with no many trees.

12:30pm: At the end of 3.5 km we saw a small habitation with a farm and farmhouse and that’s Bhattara Mane. Soon reaching, we finished lunch and had little nap.

5:00pm: We went out for sightseeing of nearby mountains.

7:00pm: Upon coming back had little chit-chat with Bhattaru in Tulu. We had little painkiller juice with Orange juice (I hope you understood!) and Ananda called it as Mixing Technology.

9:00pm: Went early to bed followed by dinner.

Mr. Bhat and his brother are living in this isolated place from past 34 years. All necessary supplies have to be bought from Kukke itself. Bhattara Mane is a boon for every trekker where they can get descent meal of rice, sambar, curd and pickle. Clear water from creek running all season and space ‘n roof for resting. It’s good to see many trekkers from different part of the country get united there.


Day-2: Trek to Kumaraparvatha

5:00am: We had wake up at this time and we did it. After morning duties we’re set to go. Packaged only necessary goods with us required for the journey and rest left at Bhattara Mane.

6:10am: We’re out to woods and it was still dark then. With the help of moonlight and torch in hand we started the climb.

Once you start from Bhat’s house towards KP you’ll find a checkpost of Department of Forests. Pay the entrant fee that would cost about Rs. 115 per person and collect receipt.

7:10am: Exactly after an hour we’re at Mantapa (Abandoned Temple). It’s a simple old hampi style stone temple. We also met many fellow trekkers camping out there. It was very serene to see morning sunlight falling on mountain giving different hues of green. En route saw more jungles, creek and rocks all along.

10:00am: We’re at atop of KP and totally exhausted. After quite relaxation we went for sightseeing around. KP is mountain that divides two cultures of Karnataka. On the west it is Dakshina Kannada and towards east Coorg (Kodagu). Upon reaching the peak we can see Somvarpet (Coorg) on east and Kukke Subramanya (DK) to the west.

11:00am: Soon after capturing catchy photos we started towards Bhattara Mane. While en route we got to see wildfire and approaching clouds just inches away.

2:00pm: Reached Bhattara Mane and finished lunch.

3:00pm: Started to move towards base (Kukke).

5:00pm: Reached base, having cold water bath gave better relaxation to body & mind. Visited sacred Subramanya temple and finished dinner.

10:30pm: Started our journey back to concrete jungle.


Tips for trekkers:

  • Be aware of season you’re going. Avoid trekking during rainy season. Best time is February, April, and May. And carry gadgets that are required for that season.
  • Have an experienced member in your team, who already visited the place at least twice.
  • Don’t try to climb in hurry, it may lead to slip-down.
  • Carry sufficient water.
  • Never forget to carry a electric torch with you.
  • If possible carry a stick while coming down.
  • While climbing down try move in side-wise or zig-zag manner, this will not only give additional grip to your foot and also reduce body weight over your knees.
  • Carry your own garbage bag to collect waste like excess food, plastic bag etc & dispose it in any garbage dump in city. This will help keep the place clean.
  • Call Mr. Bhat before starting trek.
  • Make reservations for travel and lodging before starting. Kukke Subramanya is a sacred place with devotees aplenty.
  • Knowing Tulu would be a little helpful. You can expect personal attention.
  • And don’t forget camera, to Click!!!

Last word:
Our heartfelt thanks to Ananda H.M. for organising such marvelous expedition.


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As usual, the blog has come out very well narrating the complete beaty of KP mountains. It gives fair idea for others who want to go to KP for trekking, on the routes to follow, DO’;s & DONT’s, etc.


Hi, can you please give me the phone no. of Mr. Bhat. And instruct me how to get permission from forest department.

Its good to see a blog post after a long hiatus from you. This one was especially a nice posting. I liked it. Please do respond to Karthik’s query on ‘bhattara phone no.’


Bhat’s contact information added. Please check the article.

I have been planning to climb KP from long time….has not happened yet 😦 Nice post with lots of Info. Thanks

This article has reminded me of my trip to kumaraparvatha. But unfortunately we could only reach till the mantapa. Our preparation wasnt upto the mark as we didnt have prior info. The info and guidelines that u have provided is phenomenal and I am very sure it will help a lot of trekkers in their dream trek to this wonderful place in karnataka,

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Please do come and forward the same to your like minded friends

I just arrived from KP and had almost same experience u had.
Thanks for sharing ur exp, in short KPis a trekker’s paradise and nature beauty at its best.

hi guys…

i just want to know is it possible to treck KP in one day….

@Kumar, if you’re a avid trekker. Then yes, it’s possible.

Hi Balachandra,

After reading your post, I went down memory lane when we used to trek to KP. Does the girigadde bhatt’s house have any solar lights now?? I could see a panel in the background in your pic in the post.


Hi Bala, Ananda,

Thank you for the post ! Some very useful do’s and don’ts for the future trekkers.

I am new to Bangalore would like to know where can i find information on The Chief wild life warden’ Bangalore. I tried to call on the phone numbers you’ve mentioned in the post but no one’s receiving it at the other end 😦

I am looking out for the following information:

Where is it located?
What is the best period of the year to visit the place and the timings?
What are the charges?
Where to find food accommodation and other basic stuffs?

Would really appreciate if you can help me on this..

Thanks in advance !!


Nice post !!!!!

I have trekked KP around 8 times now. We did twice from Kukke and the rest was from the other side. All the time our schedule looks like this.
1. Take a bus to somwarpet on Friday night. BTW I am from Bangalore
2. Reach Somwarpet around 5:00 AM on Saturday. Use pay toilets near bus stand. Have tea, pack breakfast and leave.
3. Take a local auto or jeep to the base of Pushpagiri. Usually we end up paying around Rs 50 per person.
4. At the base of pushpagiri, we have our breakfast and start the trek at 7:00 AM.
5. By 5:00 PM we would reach Battar mane (Note: I would have called battar earlier on the above mentioned numbers)
6. Relax, bath, tea and dinner and sleep at 7:00 or max 8:00 PM.
7. On Sunday morning, have breakfast, tea and start at 6:00 or 7:00 AM and climb down to Kukke.
8. We usually reach by noon.
9. Take Auto to kumara dhara and bath in the river.
10. Have lord subramanya darshan
11. Temple provides free food (I suggest you offer some donation so this will continue for ages)
12. Take 2:00 PM bus and reach Bangalore by 9:00 PM.

I am ready for Monday morning routine. Believe me, After seeing both sides, we feel KP from Pushpagiri side (somwarapet) is very easy. Also this side of the mountain is very scenic. We have also felt climbing up from Kukke side is little tough than pushpagiri side.

I agree on the above mentioned climbing down technique (zig zag/cross). It really helps with less pressure on your knees. Also if you can use some quick relaxation techniques like hands on your knees, bend down, inhale through nose and exhale from mouth will help in fighting tiredness.
(Note: I am only a trekking enthusiast and not involved in any kind of coaching / assisting / accompanying)

While I am writing this post, I am planning for trekking this weekend (21st Nov 2014) and I am super excited.

Happy trekking
Kannan Prasad

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