Oh! you like the article, then comments please…

Posted on: December 23, 2007

I have this practice, whenever I write a post I mail the URL to everybody in company. Instantly my blog stats skyrockets with huge visitors, but not much comments could be seen in posts. Through continuous interaction I got to know that many doesn’t know what’s a blog is all about, think that it’s too expensive to run a blog and even doesn’t know how to comment.

A link just below the article title saying “comments” will directly lead to past comments for the post followed by input boxes for writing comments and it doesn’t even ask for any username & password.

Advantages of commenting:

  • Comments provide actual stats between “article read vs. article just seen”
  • Makes it proximate to be cached by search engines
  • Motivates blogger to improve blog in terms of Quality & Quantity
  • You leave your footprints in blogs, so that a blogger can remember you

So, whenever you visit any blog, kindly don’t forget to comment. It’s a humble request.


7 Responses to "Oh! you like the article, then comments please…"

hi bala…,Nice flow of thougths. keep blogging. yes. comments encourages the bloggers to make their blogs much more better which may help them to take the blogs to the next level.

Thanks for your comments. please feel free to blogroll my blog.

I wont take dowry !!! I had read that chapter “Dowry A Social Evil” of class 6 when I was in class 3 coz was very much interested in getting married 😛
So I had decided long back that dowry is as equivalent to taking bribe 😉
Nice articles.Keep exploring life to the fullest extent possible.Hope my words of encouragement have really made you more determined to know more and write more.

i have also often wondered why people hesitate to post a comment though they are regular visitors to blogs?!

i think if the articles are very simple, relevant to their day to day lives, people readily comment. if the articles are profound, they enjoy reading it but, perhaps, feel it is beyond them to place a comment on such a serious subject.

i think we need to place a bold notice on our blogs requesting people to just say ‘hai’, ‘hello’ and ‘bye’with their names just to announce their silent arrival and silent departure from our blogs! if one or two start doing that others may follow…….. 🙂

You are very true. Thanks for commenting 🙂


nadu ondu thago guru!

he he., the first intresting toping took me in ur blog was this., n wat you said 100% true… next i ll chk with othe topics tooo… 🙂 🙂

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