No game like “Go Karting”

Posted on: December 22, 2007

Go Karting

My ambition of riding a Formula One (F1) race car became partially fulfilled when got an opportunity to steer away a kart and scorched the track. It was part of team outing event organized by company on successful completion of project. On December 18, 2007 a serene cloudy Tuesday evening we started to race at Patel’s Inn of R.T. Nagar, Bangalore, India.


We are team of 18 including our Project Manager Sutapa Pal, and Senior Director Parminder Saini who came from US, all geared for adventure and for most of us it was first time steering a kart like this. We made batches with five riders each. My race commenced in first batch with many amateur riders like me. A smooth start with slow beginning for sometime and later picked up a good speed. It will be enjoyable to see friends ramming into safety boundaries made-up of tires. Shouting spectators boost our energy to ride well. By end of the day made 3 races of 21 laps with zero crash and recording average time.


Few interesting moments:

  • Loknath tried to take a shortcut, ended up with a Bamm! And also attempted to wear helmet “ultaa!”
  • Anandraj raced twice, crashed four times.
  • Kalyan had two race, a crash and vehicle breakdown in first. And vroomed in second.
  • Vineesh drove kart like bullock cart, hence blocking everyone’s way and received a tight pat on helmet from Parminder.
  • While Yesha riding with Parminder in double seated kart her scream replaced noise of engine.
  • No one able to contend Parminder, who’s known for his speed and safe driving.
  • Sarvendu Saxena recorded best time after Parminder, hence declared as winner of the day and me being in runner up to Sarvendu.

Tips for amateur riders from an amateur rider:

  • Never ever step on the brakes until or unless you are about to hit someone. Applying brake will reduces vehicle pick-up, hence losing quality time.
  • Never try to turn kart with highest steering rotation. Start steering bit-by-bit for low and constant degrees before you approach any curve.

Soon after completing racing session, playing dumbsherads followed by dinner and finally antakshari and hence had put a brake for the joyous day. And told myself “Man, there’s no game like Go Karting yaar”


6 Responses to "No game like “Go Karting”"

Again you did well.
Every game you can enjoy if you want to enjoy.
There are lots of fun.

All the best for your ambition.

Hey bala, this was a nice narration about the outing dude. I enjoyed reading. The next time, I am gonna burn the tyres. Cheers! 🙂

must have been fun !!
my hub and son did a mimi go karting in mumbai..
it was fun.. even watching..

/*Sarvendu & Sharath*/
Thanks guys. Next time you are going to write in this blog.

/* Neela */
I suggest you should ride once.



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