Vodafone Brand Awareness Campaign Stinks

Posted on: October 15, 2007

Vodafone Stinks

It’s a quite old saying “Too much is too bad”, and this directly incriminates to the new Vodafone brand awareness campaign that started in India on Friday the September 21 2007. It was 24 hour continuous broadcast of new ad on all Star TV channels, thanks their tie-ups. This again implies to another saying “Old wine in a new bottle”, likewise “Old pug in a new kennel” message.

The agencies like Weiden and Kennedy(Vodafone global media agency), Maxus(Vodafone India media agency) and ofcourse Ogilvy & Mather(agency of former Hutchison-Essar) combined and sketched a campaign to completely abolish well established Hutch brand-image from memory of people. After three weeks of extensive broadcast of Vodafone brand through several ads over TV, newspaper, magazines, glow-signs, hoardings, posters, web and even PVC board nailed into stem of trees(as seen in above pic) left a stinking sense over peoples mind. Now, wherever you go Vodafone ads follows you than their failing network. I strongly advice that media agencies of Vodafone should revise their branding plans in India again and reduce this abundance. Now even beautiful combination of red & white leaving residual vulgar taste to eyes.

It shows that new Vodafone campaigns are portraying brand awareness in complexity theme as against Hutchison-Essar’s way of elegant & simplicity. Surprisingly. Both Indian private GSM telecom giants Bharti Airtel and Vodafone share same red color branding all over. As Vodafone uses tomato red shade, whereas Airtel uses a gradient of true red & dark(crimson) red and even BSNL uses a flat light burgundy shade as background art, all painting country red.

Vodafone Joke:
Take a deep fry pan, add 1/2 litre of oil into it. Dip your cellphone into freshly prepared cornflour mixture and fry it in a medium flame until it turns brown. Now your delicious Vadafone ready. Serve hot, garnishing suggested.


2 Responses to "Vodafone Brand Awareness Campaign Stinks"

I really liked “old pug in new …. ”

Intha fried vadafon ‘hutch’naayi gaa ?
I am trying to play with words. NO offence to any living thing intended.

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