Photo of the Week: No Comments

Posted on: September 5, 2007

No Comments

Location: Jayadeva Cardiology Institute Circle, Bangalore.
Shot From: Nokia N91.


6 Responses to "Photo of the Week: No Comments"

was that person lying there hit by the car?

No. As I witnessed he’s either drunk or sick.

aiyyo ,pavement mele biddiroru nammoralli common .
hope this guy recovered….

It was raining that day. To my surprise, this guy’s still sleepin’ and that too in front of a government aided hospital.

Innu swalpa doora hogi malgidre soft aagiro hospital bed sigthirlilva?

That guy must be drunk or could be victim of a hit and run case.

Maleyaadarenu? Bisilaadarenu? Even if u want to help him there is no gain u!!!.

This is the attitude in most of us .

India is great. Ide kaaranavenu???

hey guys cmon!! Dont u ppl think that the solitary guy is njoyin himself lying down there?? He must be a nature lover for sure. He is njoying the rain and gushing winds. At least may the poor chap have some peace if not at home.. lol.. cheers!!

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