Sorry for slumber!!!

Posted on: August 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

I have no words left out to say sorry anymore. This two months(or more) was a totally a time for many activities and changes happening in my personal life & career. Here are few silly excuses:

  1. Was preparing for Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe Flash MX 2004 Designer Certification. Took test three weeks ago, surprisingly cleared with 87%(I can’t believe this, do you?).
  2. Bought recently a Nokia N91 handset. Spent or rather wasted time understanding and exploring features of this beautiful handset.
  3. Got my PC motherboard changed just because two of four RAM slots are not working and it took almost 3 weeks.
  4. Unavoidably my internet connection stopped for 1 month, due to technical reason.

What all can I say more than this? Kindly excuse me readers. My kind apology goes to RK, who’s a regular reader of this blog and for making him disappointed from this slumber. They say “To obtain something, you need sacrifice a few”. In my case “To obtain many, I sacrificed one(that too temporary)”.

Thank you friends for being with me.


2 Responses to "Sorry for slumber!!!"

congrats mate for scoring a high score in the adobe course!
hey, don’t have to be apologetic to anyone, least of all me!

glad you are back in action!

regards and best wishes
RK (Restricted Knowledge)

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