Prankster: How do people respond to a single issue in an IT company?

Posted on: July 12, 2007

Issue: Bug found in the application. The application is unable add/retrieve data from the database when more than 100 users log access to database at once. Application is crashing giving a database error.

Mechanical Engineer turned Software Engineer:
I hope the problem is with the data cable. There could be a friction between data and the material carrying it. I would suggest lubricating inside the data cable, so that the data movement will be faster. Finally if that doesn’t happen, we better to give the database server machine for overhauling.

Doctor turned Software Engineer:
I can hear the heartbeat (noise created by an old fan) of the database server and its body (cabinet) temperature has also got increased. It seems some virus has infected it, which affected the health of the heart(hard)ware and their performance. I have to diagnose the condition of the machine before injecting anti(virus)biotic. If nothing happens I would prescribe for a complete dialysis(format) of the heart(hard)disk.

Accountant turned Software Engineer:
See that there’s no enough Balance of memory to make enough transaction. The data is getting Bounced whenever deposited. We will make an audit to check the amount of Debit and Credit happening from the data(bank)base. We have to see in ledger(log) if any fraud(hacking) is happening from the regular account user. If this continues then the database will get bankrupted.

Lawyer turned Software Engineer:
My Lord!(is he pleasing the Project Manager?). This not the issue caused from our code, its definitely a trick/game played from my opponent Test Engineer and Network Admin(He’s started allegation now!!!). I have enough witnesses to prove it including this video from a hidden camera, that these people were Hacking the server while we were testing the application(Wow! what a sting operation???). Hence I appeal to you to punish my opponent(What do you mean?) and extend our deadline for ten more days(Finally landed).

Note: This is not a forwarded message. I have written this during free time at company’s cost.

If possible add some more of your own to this series.


1 Response to "Prankster: How do people respond to a single issue in an IT company?"

Hehehee, tumba chenagide. I was imagining how a pharmacist(myslef) if turns to become a software engg would react to the situation.

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