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Savanadurga – Gigantic Rock with Wonders & Mysteries

Posted on: June 28, 2007

Savanadurga - A Panoramic View


The place now I’m going to explicate is about a monolithic rocky mountain which has vested vast wonders & mysteries within from centuries. It’s Savanadurga about 65kms from Bangalore, Magadi Taluk, Ramanagar Distrist and has an altitude of 4025ft above the sea level. The word Savanadurga is derived from two kannada words “savina” & “durga” which means “Fort of Death”. Yes, during the rule of emperor Hyder Ali Savanadurga played a role of prison to punish and execute the enemy soldiers in immense brutality. It was highly difficult to penetrate into the guarded fort of Savanadurga, that would equalize to stand over his own death. Savanadurga witnessed massive massacres ever happened during Hyder Ali’s rule and hence the name of the mountain. The mountain has also played a role of safe chest for royal treasures.


We were five comprising Ananda H.M.(Organizer), Sameer Nagaich, Venkatesh, Babu & myself. That was 10:30am on June 23,2007 when we reached the base. A climate just bespoken for the expedition with sun hiding somewhere within the clouds, small drizzle now & then and gentle winds. Sameer added his words to this saying “The climate would’ve never got better than this!”.

Thankfully, there is a safe & convenient way has been marked with arrows as to direct trekkers to the destination. The trek comprised of 4 checkpoints commemorated with four different fort walls coming all over the way. Venkatesh inaugurated the trek with a joke saying “Aa, Tensingh gu saha havaai chappali hakkondu ee betta hattakaagalla. Aadre naavu hakkondu hogidvi gotta!(Even Tensingh can’t climb this mountain wearing slippers, but we’ve done that!).

Surprisingly, we were escorted by three village dogs from base to the tiptop. Since they are following & directing us, Venkatesh sprinkled a joke saying that these could be ghosts of Hyder Ali family and possibility that they are watching us. So I sought names for them as Hyder Ali, Fathima & Tippu Sultan(It’s just a joke, don’t drag this to any controversy). They would relax when we’re relaxing and would start once we step forward.

Each checkpoint turned out to be marvelous experience where the beauty of the surrounding villages & forests increased with each feet we climbed. On the way to tiptop one can witness natural caves made out of stone gaps, Babu mentioned it as cave of an English movie “MacKenna’s Gold”. After about 1.75 hours of trek we reached the fourth checkpoint that is tiptop of the mountain. Tip top represents a Bull Temple and a metal pole. The other side of tiptop is a 90 degree steep of the mountain.

The joy of trekking doubled when we took photographs at exotic locations. We stayed there for an hour and after that started to return to the base camp. While returning Hyder Ali, Fathima & Tippu Sultan left us to escort some other group arrived at the top and within less than 30 minutes we reached the base camp. Soon after that we moved towards the Savanadurga Park for lunch which is just about a kilometre from the base camp, there Fathima joined us again.

Forest Walking:

After lunch & a little relaxation started a hiking over the forest countryside on the other side of the mountain and the way to that begins from the park itself. This showed a real adventure of walking at a no-man area, surprisingly we are again accompanied by Fathima all over the way. This is again 1.5 hours of walk through camping area, woods, ponds and rocks. We reached place of an old abandoned temple in midst of the woods. We stayed, slept, tattled there for almost an hour or so. At 5:00pm in the evening we are about to prepare our tea, but our portable gas stove didn’t light up and we have to return without having tea. Finally again after continuous walk for an hour we reached the park gate where our vehicle stood. We could see Fathima waving a bye for all of us with her tail, saying her a goodbye & few biscuits we are on the go way back to the concrete jungle called Bengaluru.

Reaching There:

  • By public transport: Buses are available from K.R. Market & Majestic to Magadi
  • Through own vehicle: You need to go through Magadi Road, once you are about to enter magadi town about 1 kilometre before a deviation to left takes you towards Savanadurga.

Tips for Trekkers:

  • Wear any shoe which has demonstrated ability to hold grip on the rock
  • Don’t forget to carry water
  • It’s better to carry a water proof jacket & a cap during rainy season
  • While climbing steep up/down look for crack between rocks. Sometimes these crack does acts as a good lifesavers
  • While climbing down try move in side-wise or zig-zag manner, this will not only give additional grip to your foot but, also reduce body weight over your knees.
  • It’s better to have a person in your group who already knows about the place
  • Hold a rope which can be used whenever necessary
  • Do not forget to capture the beauty with a camera

Last word:

Our thanks goes to Ananda H.M. for organizing such a beautiful trek to this unseen place and also to other group members to make this moment cheerful ever after.


7 Responses to "Savanadurga – Gigantic Rock with Wonders & Mysteries"

Just a few days ago I had read about the new dist. Ramnagar’s famous tourist spot.
Today I virtually went there. Thanks for the treat.
May I have the honour of blogrolling you?

Namaste Neela,

Nice to hear about your visit to Savanadurga. Eega nanna article saarthakavaaythu.

It would be my pleasure to see māthu – kathé in your blogroll and you’ve been blogrolled.

wonderful narration.

bright header too!

keep visiting more places and share the lovely experiences here.

best wishes

Even though i am a local guy of magadi (very near to savanadurga) and also had been there several times i think you have explained about the place verry well.

good one.

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