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Elixir for a new life – A few useful facts about blood donation

Posted on: June 22, 2007

World Health Organization has announced 14th January 2007 as World Blood Donors Day and June 2007 as World Blood Donors Month. In this auspicious moment I would like to exchange some valuable information about Blood Transfusion Medicine or simply to say “saving life through blood transfusion”.

Why donate blood?

  • Till date there’s no substitute for blood. Only donated blood can provide
    adequate supply of blood to save life of those who need it. You give a second chance to someone unknown to you. Sometimes it one who need blood could be a friend, family member or yourself.
  • India is a vast country which has requirement of approximate 9million units of blood every year but only 4.2 millions of units are met. It means there’s more than 50% shortage of blood. It also means that almost 6 out of 10 losing life due to lack of blood during emergency surgeries like accident, heart surgery & maternal operations.
  • Whenever you donate blood, the body can easily replenish the lost blood within 24-48 hours. Hence you are welcoming new blood into your body. In that way there’s no loss.
  • Donating blood helps to maintain iron content in blood.
  • Whenever you donate you’ll be losing excess cholesterol accumulated in blood. Hence reducing the proximity of Heart Attacks.
  • A one unit of donated blood can save upto 3 people when supplied into three different components as Red blood cells, Fresh frozen plasma and Platelet concentrate/ platelet rich plasma.
  • After donating blood you’ll be given a donor certificate/card which will be helpful whenever you yourself in need of blood at a totally free of cost.
  • A self fulfillment for a lifetime of saving a person’s life during emergency.

Am I eligible for donating blood?

Almost everybody is eligible for, unless:

  • One in good health condition
  • One is aged above 18 years and less than 60 years.
  • Weighs not less than 45kg
  • Has a Hemoglobin level of 12.5g/dl
  • And a positive attitude towards blood donation

Who are not eligible?

  • Any person who is infected by AIDS/HIV positive
  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Hepatitis B or C
  • Syphilis
  • Females who are during their menstrual period/cycle

Which are the safe places to donate?

  • One can donate blood in Blood Donation camp held in many educational institutions & business establishments
  • Camps especially held by or in collaboration with Rotary Club, Lions Club, NIMHANS Blood Transfusion Medicine Centre, KIDWAI Institute of Oncology etc; assure that they have right staff & equipment available during the donation process
  • Direct blood donation into the blood bank itself like TTK Blood Bank etc;

What are the procedure for blood donation? Is it very painful?

  • No. Blood donation is a very simple procedure. An ideal blood donation process takes not more than 20 minutes in overall.
  • It is advised to have some food & drink before the donation process starts.
  • starting with the registration of donor with personal details & past medical records.
  • Medical examination determines includes checking of weight, blood group, blood pressure and rate pulse will be recorded.
  • Hemoglobin test includes to check that you are not suffering from anemia.
  • Donation includes a small pinch feel(until you don’t look at it) while inserting needle to blood vessel and followed a easy 5-8 minutes for withdrawal of blood.
  • Soon after collection of blood, a light refreshment offered with fruit juice(to re-hydrate), biscuits & cake and are made to relax for 10-15 minutes in a calm place.
  • After that one can continue with his/her work/classes for the rest of the day. You can come out of the hall with a fulfillment on taking your first step to save someone’s life.


  • Will I become weak after donating blood?
    No, you will be normal as other days. People says that they obtain a fresh feel after donating blood.
  • Do I need to follow any specific diet before/after blood donation?
    You can have any food as any other day, but try to avoid oily food before donation.
  • Will the blood donation process is safe? will they use sterilized components?
    Yes, If you go through trusted organizations as listed above then it’s totally safe. These hospitals/organizations follow “Safe Blood Transfusion Standards” prescribed by WHO.

How can I avail blood when needed?

The donated blood are provided to any patient/patient family with a written consent from a prescribed doctor. There will be nominal fee charged on the maintenance of blood bank. If you’re already a donor, then contact the blood bank with the number given in the donor card. You’ll get a free replacement for the number of units donated without even charging the processing/nominal fee.

Last Word

I’m glad to hear that a blood donation camp is being held on June 29, 2007 in our company campus in collaboration with Rotary Club-TTK Blood Bank. Hopefully will try to make a unit for one’s life.

Knowledge Courtesy

  • NIMHANS Blood Transfusion Medicine Centre, Bangalore
  • World Health Organization
  • Indian Red Cross Society, Delhi
  • Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow
  • And little personal experience

Space for Nostalgia(Nonsense space, read only if you have enough time to kill):

  • I would like to share some moments during my college days. It is quite common where students bunk classes telling the reason that they’re going to donate/they’ve donated blood. Many use fake bandages on middle of hand where needle will be inserted. They get an easy attendance & jump for the whole day. While others pose in front of girls of our class/other departments and try to impress them with the same fake bandage. Everything got revealed after 3 days when my HOD came with donor certificates. Surprisingly, only 5 out of 24 students have donated blood and all rest fakers went shapeless in front of girls & HOD.
  • It’s quite common scenario during blood donation camp inside the campus I could see all our favourite girls who donated blood along with us are falling unconscious one after the other on the ground, there were NCC/NSS staff ready for the task to lift them from place and arrange water & seating.
  • We(me & my sister) never said to mother that we’re going to/we’ve donated blood. One bad day my mother got to know about it later through one of my friend and the day was a big bang for me. She banged me saying “Aeey Yakkro, maiyalli raktha jaasthi aagideeya. Nimgella kobbu hechchaagide. Innondsaari raktha-giktha kotre kai-kaalu mureetheeni”.

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YOu have covered all the facts & figures in connection with Blood Donation. However, I am forwarding you separately FAQs sent by Rotary Club – TTK Blood Bank. Please go through the same and see if anything missed out.


Good 1

Good Day anandha Sir!!!!!

Its good ….

What is the ideal diet before donating blood (for avioding any tierdness etc)?

Sankar: There’s no specific diet. But, it’s a must to have good food before donating.

i am allready working with a NGO in hisar.

I was very worried when i came to know that my father has donated blood! But i am happy now after i read this website relating the benefits of donating the blood.

its nice to know important information about blood donation..

i am doing reasearch for homework for school and this was very helpful… 🙂

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