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A naaNi(ನಾಣಿ) in my classroom

Posted on: April 25, 2007

I think most of us already know about naaNi(ನಾಣಿ). if you don’t, let me tell about him. A naaNi(ನಾಣಿ) is a fictitious character appeared in Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar’s well renowned work “Namma Oorina Rasikaru”. NaaNi(ನಾಣಿ) is a middle aged man with amusing attitude. A person who’s not much concerned about his own life, doesn’t have a family and would like to live happily till the end. For village women he’s just a rover, a favourite pastime for children and who utters words that make others think, sometimes laugh!

It is since when I was doing my collegiate education. I remember a classmate, to whom I was resembling to naaNi(ನಾಣಿ). This person named Umesha aged nearly 28 from a remote village of Magadi taluk, dark colored skin, lean body frame, wears a spectacle, clothes as typical villager and so his dialect. This man is quite nostalgic, was doing farming and worked at “Cipla” a pharma company before joining college. He is one experienced candidate in the age group of 19-21. I would like to share few beautiful things about this rare but genuine character.

Umesha is one favourite friend of all of us, he would call most of us as “Baamaida” means “brother in law” and pals got used to that word. And very frequently used to say “Yaakaalaa” means “why is that?”. Since he’s quite senior in age, he would never tolerate if someone pull his legs and he would bawl out saying “Ley! naan nin chikkappan classmate kanlaa magane” means “I’m your uncle’s classmate, son”. Sometimes he would remind others that they are still younger than him by saying “Ninge haalina baatli hidkalaake bartirlilla, nan aagle pivotu gotta” means “The time you started holding milk bottle I was a great drunkard”. Similarly “Naanu haalu kudidashtu neenu neeru kudidilla kanlaa” means “you haven’t consumed equal water the amount of milk I depleted till now.

Now one thing might be bugging you that why this halli gammaara(villager), funny, nostalgic, senior guy came to study again. I’d say never think this guy a subnormal, Umesha is a landlord of almost 12 acres of land(now managed by his eldest brother), has done record breaking harvesting for 5 years, married his two sisters to right homes and many more achievements. His second elder brother a Tech Lead at Honeywell, right now posted in USA is a prime inspiration for Umesha to join back college and continue his studies. Right now Umesha is doing his higher studies on Chemical Engineering at Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur. He’d be very glad see an article written about him, a grand salute for this never-lose-hope kinda guy.


15 Responses to "A naaNi(ನಾಣಿ) in my classroom"


Came here through Naren’s blog. You make interesting reading. Keep it up.

Naren tells us that you are a fan of our Bellur. Please do comment on his blog, he will be very happy to meet you.

Bellurappa, if you are reading this, I demand a Dose @ CTR! 😉

Hilarious to read Umesha’s oneliners!
nice read.

balu, couple of my comments to your earlier posts must be stuck in SPAM. dayavittu avakke mukthiyannu dayapalisu thandhe!

Namaste Vani,
Thanks for visiting the blog of this amateur writer. Yah! me, Naren, and our kannada balaga discuss about new articles posted at Rwb and other blogs in our cafeteria.
“Vani’s Musings” ondu sundaravaada blogu. From next time you will see my trails on your blog. Thanks again for the gesture.

Namaste rk,

The one-liners I have mentioned are few of many of those one-liners I have heard from him. It could be more than 50, unfortunately I remember only these.

My sister is a great fan of Umesha & his elongated yet humourous and experienced speech. Even me.


plz do write more about umesh. very inquisitive to know the persona behind the person!

this is for you:

naniruvude nimagagi,
CTR iruvude namagagi
benne beke, plain beke (2)
thinniri ella hayagi (2)

naniruvude nimagagi

onde hotelina fan-galu naavu
sodararanthe naavella
nimmodanindu naanu thindu (2)
Coffee innu aarilla
bharavase needuve indu
naa nimmodaniruvenu endu (2)
thayiya aane Seekal Doseyannendu muttolla

naaniruvude nimagagi…

saavira janumada punyavo yeno
naa ee hotlali kulithiruve
thapasina phalavo hiriyara varavo (2)
Benne Doseya thinthiruve
Nonagala badidodisuva
ee bayakege bidugade tharuva
Thindi potara soukhyava taralu
‘Bill’anne koduve

naaniruvude nimagagi…

— bellur

Thank you, Bellur,

This is so sweet! I am unable to say anything!


Thanks, and do comment on WP. Keep visiting.

Hats off to Umesha… and super oneliners…

Magadi hatra ond halli andre alle ello nammur hatrane… yaava ooru antanu helbidi saar 🙂

Namaste Prashant,

Finally I got the answers for you, sorry for the delay.

Umesha is S/o Mahimarangaiah, Gudemaranahalli(near Lakkenahalli), Marikuppe(Post), Solur(Hobli), Magadi(Taluk).

I spoke to Umesha yesterday & he uttered few random one liners, I would like to share them with you.

When asked “how’s your studies going on?”

He said,”odu ashtenu thalegattha illa bidu. Naavu hudguru hotte kammi maadkondu odudre, hudgiru batte kammi maadkondu odthaave.”

When asked “When are you getting married?”

He said,”Allaa guruve…! chitraanna thinnaakke kaili kaasilla, matthe madve bere kedu.”

Prashanth, nice to know about you and your marvelous blog on travel & photography. Even I’m thinking to start a photo blog, I need suggestions on camera to buy and quality usage of it.

With lots of thanks,

I am a lcoal guy of magadi town,& working in a company called TOOLTECH SOFTWARES in Bengaluru as A CAD ENGINEER, i have done my BE Mechanical 2004 pass out.

I need some inspiration and help from you people to achieve some thing in my life, Whether in my professional life (getting good job in good company / doing my futhure education) or in personal life.

I am asking you peoples because you are senior to me, you may be in position to help me in the above regard.

Hopefully i will get.


Hmmm, How can I help you professionally yaar? I’m not into CAD/CAE/3DMAX. About helping your personal life, please don’t tell me to get you a good wife dude 🙂

Nice that you wrote about my school days chapted 8th standard 1st chapted in kannada was naani,

We got to know about praasa pada…
Or rhyming words…

So i remember because my teached left us inside class to write our own prasa pada…

But our section leader name was swaroop his nick name was loddi,

What i wrote was,

hakollaa chaddi….
Kottre baddi…
Kododilla chakkra baddi…


Ultimatly i got punishment from teacher for those words..
But what a joyfull days were those….

Harsha krishne Gowda

hats of to goruru ramaswamy iyengar nanu nani bagge odiddu nan high school oduvaga ega adanne odutha idre thumba khushi aguthe…………..thanks netalli update madirodakke sir


Shakunthala: DhanyavadagaLu 🙂

Excellent translations….! Superb flow of thoughts..!

write about sheenappa

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