Finally, a day for Earth

Posted on: April 22, 2007


A week back I hardly knew that a day called “Earth Day” does exists. It all came to light when I was doing a design research on one of the project whose domain is Environmental, Health & Safety. All of sudden I came across something about “Earth Day” on April 22, I thought this could be a theoretical definition of earth evolution in the universe. It’s not that Earth Day is common any like other environment day. It was one of the classical celebration made as The equinoctial Earth Day on the vernal equinox to mark the precise moment that spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The UN then announced it to as Earth Day each year on April 22 and this is all just obscurity.

Let us discuss in environmental aspect of it. There is already a day called World Environment Day usually celebrated on June 5th of every year. If I ask myself am I really concerned about Earth or Environment, the answer is NOT SURE. May be I am not directly involved in the degradation of environment but, the entire economy is. While I was looking to upgrade my investment plans for this financial year, meanwhile I hovered my eyes over the market growth for past one decade and there is 105% growth. Don’t you think that growth is not just increase in country’s per capita income but, isn’t that we  increased our consuming power. Leading to excess production, towards excess extraction from source i.e. environment, more extraction results to more degradation and we term this as growth.

The story goes like this: To build more commercial/domestic establishments requires extraction of more cement from the ground. To build internal infrastructures like interiors & furniture cut more trees to balance the requirement. To construct structures it requires more steel for that again more exploration, extraction, processing of ore and not only emptying the earth’s crust but, increase in environmental pollution. To fulfill my need I need to burn more fuel, filling unwanted green house gases like CO & CO2 to the biosphere and therefore the global warming, the story never ends…

These all facts has been very clearly discussed in a movie called “An Inconvenient Truth”. This is the one of the reason being educated as chemical engineer never tried to get into a chemical engineering job. This made me to invoke an artist out of a engineer and settle as a designer.

My other classmates who studied with me and are working in many reputed manufacturing companies they too disclose sometimes that they don’t even comply completely with environmental guidelines set by the government. Effluents are left to the main stream with excess concentrations than the permitted limits. Now it proves that nor an individual neither industries worried about environment, then who will. Full-filling rapid industrialisation, urbanisation, increased demands, etc; is this the future of our country economy. I sometimes ask myself, have I ever tried to control my needs. The answer is a clear yes, I tried it to my extent and therefore I have mentioned above that “Not Sure”. It also means my contribution is not sufficient enough, there’s more to do.

Now I’m remembering my high school days, when studying a Kannada chapter of class VIII(state syllabus) “Dakhina Ghattagala Patana”, an excerpt from Nagesh Hegde’s “Iruvudonde Bhoomi”. It’s time to recall again that there’s only one earth and no other place live. So save it, live with it. Lets celebrate earth.


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