Eh! Surprisingly I started a “TRUE BLOG”

Posted on: April 22, 2007


It was a quite long time since I dreamt of starting a “TRUE BLOG”. STOP!!! Hey! what’s this “TRUE BLOG” is all about? Yes, I have a “L” sized story for you. About a month back I started a tech blog called CUi. CUi is all about Interface Design and focused on techies & interaction designers, I went little professional in this way. All of you already know how many interface designers do we have in our vicinity, very few, very very few and to say fewer than chemical engineers. All of other friends whom I referred to read the articles I posted, they hardly understood anything out of them. Started calling me and asked to explain about the article verbally. People who actually are interface designers did read the blog and commented but, are only two.

Before to start CUi, I had the dream of starting this “TRUE BLOG” but, I felt that a tech blog will be a very useful resourse than “just a blog(remember these words)”. Now I realised that “just a blog” is actually a “True Blog”, these blogs address to all audiences and all general articles can be posted and understood by anybody. And I think basic purpose what all other blogs of world initially started as to convey personal thoughts, understanding, choices and stories as articles and then it branched out to all other categories.

My true inspiration to start this blog is Bellur Ramakrishna of Rambling with Bellur. And I hardly know the person or spoken to him and I’m a silent reader who doesn’t comment at all. I still wonder how this pretty designer make time for family, and other activities of life. Where I’m being the other designer who can’t cope up with the commitments properly. Ramakrishna, If you are reading this article please pat your back yourself, and you deserve this. Hope I can get an opportunity to post some articles at RwB. Hats-off to you RK.

If you find any articles interesting, kindly comment. It inspires me to promote this blog as well.


2 Responses to "Eh! Surprisingly I started a “TRUE BLOG”"

Hello Balachandra S Shetty,

I came here via Naren’s blog. He gave me this blog id.

Educated in Chemical Engineering (with ambition), but working as UI Designer (by passion)


Glad to know that Bellur Ramakrishna inspired a fellow designer to blog. Liked your CUi blog too. Very informative! Continue the good work.

Keep visiting Rambling with Bellur . And you can contribute articles and designs by mailing them to:

Best wishes and take care

ps: you’ve been blogrolled.

Namaste rk,

From now on will try to write more articles as possible. Thanks for inviting me to contibute articles, will definitely look forward to post some quality articles.

I’m delighted to see both of my blogs in your Blogroll. Thanks again.


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